Linux / Heathkit H8/H89 Tools

H8trans and H8clxfer

This site hosts Linux tools to used to work with Heathkit H8 or H89 computers. 

H8trans is used to transfer floppy images in the H8D format to either an H8 or an H89 computer running Dwight Elvey's H89LDR program on the H8/89.

There are two versions of this program, a command line version, h8clxfer and the GUI version, h8trans. Here is a screenshot.


Both h8clxfer and h8trans are in written in Python verion 2.7 I don't think they will run in Python 3.x without some modifications.

You will also require the Pyserial package. The Pyserial home page is here if you want more information about it.

The GUI version also requires PyGtk which can be found here Virtually all modern Linux distributions will have everything except Pyserial installed by default.


Download the h8trans tarball which has both the command line and GUI version, and follow the instructions in the README file.

New version of just h8clxfer for use with DD.COM h8clxfer


For Debian based distros such as Ubuntu, Mint, Knoppix etc install with

sudo apt-get install Pyserial

For RPM based distros such as Fedora and friends you can get Pyserial from

As noted before Python and Pygtk should already be installed in most Linux distributions.