Linux / Heathkit H8/H89 Tools

DD.COM - CP/M Disk dump

DD.COM is a floppy imaging program for CP/M. It is modelled after the UNIX utility dd. It allows one to make a floppy disk image from an H8D file or to dump the floppy disk to an H8D image.

How it works.

Disk dump for CP/M - Version 1.2 - 2012/01/13...

dd currently only works for reading and writing H8D CP/M disk images to and from an H17, 100k, hard sector diskette drive.

dd - Prints out the help.
dd map - Prints a map of your disk drives - must have floppy inserted.
dd if=<file|drive|port> of=<drive|file|port> - copies images.

dd if=e: of=cpmboot.h8d - Makes image from E: drive called cpmboot.h8d
dd if=mydisk.h8d of=d: - Images D: drive from file mydisk.h8d
dd if=ttys1: of=d: - Images D: drive from serial port using h8clxfer or H89LDR9.


You can download the BDS C source code and the compiled, ready to run versions of DD.COM here.
DD.COM version 1.2 --- DD-1-2.C Source

Older versions

DD.COM version 1.1 --- DD-1-1.C Source


1.0 - 2012/01/01
- Initial version

1.1 - 2012/01/06
- Dig drive letter out of filename so it uses the the correct drive when doing a bisoh(SELDSK).
- Add version and date to help.
- Add drive type to map display.

1.2 - 2012/01/13
- Added serial port support which can be used with Dwight's H89LDR program or h8trans/h8clxfer.

Other Information

Error checking is a little weak yet but I'm working on it, for example, it fails if a diskette isn't inserted in the drive. The program is written in BDS C so it is easy to extend. I will be adding the ability to work with H89LDR so one can use the serial port from a PC as well.

I have only tested this with the following configuration so if it doesn't work for you send me a bug report and I'll fix it. H8 with IDE hard drives A-D and H17 floppy drive E:

Just remember you MUST have a formatted floppy inserted in the drive before you copy.