Linux / Heathkit H8/H89 Tools


This site hosts Linux tools to work with Heathkit H8 or H89 computers as well as some other CP/M software. 

Linux  is a Unix-like computer operating system assembled under the model of free and open source software development and distribution. Linux runs on a wide variety of computer hardware, including mobile phones, tablet computers, network routers, televisions, video game consoles, desktop computers, mainframes and supercomputers. 

Penguins love the H8.

Heathkit's H8 was an Intel 8080 -based microcomputer sold in kit form starting in 1977. The H8 was similar to the S-100 bus computers of the era, and like those machines was often used with the CP/M operating system on floppy disk. The main difference between the H8 and S-100 machines was the bus; the H8 used a 50-pin bus design that was smaller, more robust and better engineered electrically.

What's here

There are a few software tools of interest when working with the H8. 

H19term is an H19 terminal emulator that runs under Linux. It works great to turn a Raspberry Pi into an H19 terminal.

H8trans and h8clxfer are tools to transfer H8D floppy images to the H8 when it is running Dwight Elvey's excellent H89LDR program.

Htar is a command line tool to manipulate H8D floppy images.  You can list files in an image as well extract, add and delete files.

DD.COM is a CP/M tool to manipulate H8D floppy images.  You can copy images to a file or serial port or load images from a files or serial port to a drive.